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February 2020.

For the first in this series of posts on my years at Anglia Television look here http://blogdavidtaylorimages.co.uk/television-sound-mixing/anglia-television-1966-to-1969-my-first-years-in-tv-sound/

Like all the Regional ITV Stations, Anglia TV served their ‘local area’ with a regular output of local programming, now sadly missing from television. For this reason we went off frequently to do Outside Broadcasts around East Anglia and also well into Lincolnshire beyond ‘The Wash’, as far as The Humber.
Mostly these were weekends away covering a Saturday football match and a Sunday church service, as both could be done by the same OB crew.

However Anglia took a very big gamble and decided to make a regular drama, a ‘soap’ called ‘Weavers Green’….and to do as much of it as possible with an expensive Outside Broadcast Unit, shooting in video.

Weavers Green was about a vets practice and their dealings with local community. Shooting was mainly undertaken around the real Norfolk village of ‘Heydon’ with occasional visits to other locations, as we shall see.

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